Bondex provides solutions in surety. We have assisted businesses in obtaining millions of surety bond credit in a difficult economic environment. Our experienced staff finds creative solutions in surety when most operations just find a way to say “No.”

We work with the top rated professional surety agents in the country.


Bondex is a leading provider of surety bond credit to contractors and emerging companies. We work with the top surety agents and brokers that assist their clients with solutions in surety for their businesses.

The company was formed to provide small to mid-size construction companies with surety bond availability in a difficult marketplace.

Through our unique approach to underwriting we are able to respond in an efficient and expedient manner so that bonds are executed quickly and satisfactorily.

We provide solutions where other companies fall short.

Contract Bonds

Getting Started

Obtain the bid, payment and performance bonds that you need for your next project.

The Process

Complete an application, along with the necessary information, and we will contact you to assist you with the process, if you need help.

Our underwriting team focuses on analyzing your request, and assisting you in obtaining the surety credit that your business needs.

Make Sure To

  • Verify that you need a bid, performance or payment bond
  • Download our application and complete all fields
  • Submit the application and documentation by email to
    or by fax to (973) 377-5077

We will provide you with a professional surety agent that understands your business.

Contract Bonds

  • Sanitation
  • Environmental
  • Janitorial
  • Transportation
  • Elevator

Commercial Bonds

Get a Free Bond Quote Today

Complete the short application to get the bond that you need today.

The Process

After completing the short application you will receive a free quote in 24 hours. Our underwriting team will be available for both guidance and updates.

We provide competitive rates on miscellaneous commercial bonds (contractor license bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, sales and use tax bonds, utility bonds and more).

We work with the top professional surety agents in your area.


Grow your Agency by partnering with a Surety Market that wants to help you.

We focus on providing our surety agent partners with the best possible service and quick turnaround responses for their clients.

Our underwriters keep you and your clients abreast with status of each case and allow you to earn generous commissions.

For more information, please contact our office by email to or by fax to (973) 377-5077.


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